WK 47 – Deals Of The Week

A collection of some of the deals of week 47..

  • Major photography studio & rental company invests £200k in a new & lenses, supported by a very competitive 5yr finance lease This enables them to continue their expansion within the moving image sector.. now that’s
  • Specialist product and portrait photographer with 16 years in the industry financed a new A7RII with Azule. He wasn’t a homeowner, but we beat another leasing company and ! Now that’s..
  • Freelance cameraman, editor and sound recordist who had been in the industry for 15 years needed a lens immediately for his job. The deal was done and paid out in 2 days! That’s Azule and
  • Bristol based post production facility invests £50k in new shared storage and LTO system.
    We had the deal done and signed within 24 hours.. now thats #AffordingCreativity. 
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