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What makes us different?

Our motto is Affording Creativity. We are here to help you realise your creative potential.

We pride ourselves in understanding your business, the market you operate in and the pressures you are under. We take far more into consideration than the numbers you send us; we look at history, experience and the quality of the equipment. All of this is factored into making our decisions.

A little bit of history

Azule Finance opened its doors for the very first time in 2004. We started small and with a very simple mission. A mission to provide specialist funding and leasing services to individuals and businesses working in broadcasting and media.

In the years that have followed we’ve grown considerably, taking on more staff, working with more companies, operating in more sectors and partnering with new customers, including many that have grown as we have.

Today, we work across live events, sound and lighting, AV, photography, post-production and other related markets too and we are still getting bigger. In 2018 we were acquired by PCF Bank. This move to become a part of a UK bank has enabled us to increase our lending capacity, thereby helping more projects and aspirations come to fruition.

We are also able to offer our services across the whole of Europe, not just the UK.

We’re still listening and learning

We’ve learnt a lot along the way and, although things have moved on, our mission has stayed the same. As has our approach to providing you with finance.

Our promise to you is that we will work hard to help you, regardless of whether you are a freelance photographer or a major corporation. We will be open and approachable, we will listen to you, we will do our utmost to make the deal happen for you and, most importantly of all, we will make the whole process as quick and simple as possible.

Working this way, and thanks to recommendations and referrals from our satisfied customers, has helped to turn Azule into one of the leading suppliers of asset finance in the UK. We plan to keep it that way.

Your potential, Your expertise and Your industry reputation often count for more to us than any business plan. Plus, we know your market. Our staff have been working across broadcasting, media, AV, live events and related industries for more than 20 years. Where your bank manager looks at you blankly, we understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Now that Azule is part of PCF Bank we have increased our capacity to lend our own money and we also have partnerships with other lenders. We can provide you with a swift financial solution that fits your current situation, however unique it might be.

But that’s enough about us. This is all about you.

Why not get in touch and find out how we can help you and your business.

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