Equipment prices on the rise

Equipment prices from one of the leading Broadcast manufacturers have gone up by around 20% in the UK since the Spring. The falling value of sterling is having a significant impact on our industry, as anyone who regularly buys kit recently will know only too well. At the time of writing, the value of sterling is at a 7 year low against the euro, and a generation low against the dollar. And as importantly to our industry, the yen is also volatile.

Comments from all of the authorised resellers are consistent that they’ve seen price rises from every key manufacturer. And with no correction in the sterling exchange rates in sight, the price rises may not have finished yet. So when your dealer says “you’d better hurry up and buy it before the price goes up”, you might want to believe them.

Fortunately, interest rates has seen no upwards shift, so finance is an even more appealing option now. We are seeing a number of 2 year 0% finance schemes launching, which we at Azule manage for the manufacturers. Look out for these, and take advantage of them where you can. There’s no trick, it’s genuinely free money!! If 2 years is too short a repayment term for your business, we can turn it in to a 3 or 4 year, low interest deal. The key is to tell us what you want. We usually say yes to most things.

TV still needs to be made, and kit still needs to be bought, either directly by the production companies / cameramen, or by the hire companies that then hire it out. With ever more expensive kit, and low rates of interest on money lending, has there ever been a more compelling argument to finance your next purchase? But then I would say that, wouldn’t I?

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