WK 18 – Deals Of The Week

  • PR photography company needed £3.5k of finance to fund upcoming projects. Their camera of choice was a Leica Q, a compact camera with the fast prime lens. As an existing customer, they knew they could rely on Azule to get it done. 
  • Health conscious restaurant financed £8k over 24 months with Azule. Having 29 items on different invoices was no problem for Azule, and we had this deal swiftly paid out in no time!
  • Freelancer cameraman needed £1,500 for Crane kit and accessories for upcoming projects. The application was filled, submitted and approved online within 2 minutes. Want to use our online application form?
  • Large scale lighting company covering UK wide events needed £40k for some new over 3 years. With upcoming summer festivals to facilitate, Azule swiftly provided them the finance they needed!
  • Video production hire company needed to expand their range of kit due to increasing customer demand. Financing products from #Angeniux, #PrestonLensControl and @Sony they came to Azule for £30k over 60 months. Another deal that was swiftly paid out!
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