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Welcome to the Jungle

The Jungle Group Ltd was founded as Zoo Studios just over 25 years ago. The founders were running a radio advertising agency and realised that rather than outsourcing audio post-production, they could do it more efficiently themselves. Zoo (which later became Jungle Studios) was born.

The business started off as one studio at 145 Wardour Street, and over the years grew to take over the entire seven floors of the building as well as the building next door.  Today Jungle runs eight studios across the two buildings.

The business produces audio content for a wide range of advertising agencies and promotions for broadcasters. It has a strong ethos of developing their staff and promoting from within. “Of all the engineers currently employed by Jungle only one did not start off working as a runner or in transfer,” says Paul Brown at Jungle Studios, “Our previous engineers can be found in all the other major post-production audio companies across London.”

Opportunity knocks

“We entered into an agreement with an advertising agency who wanted to build an audio studio in their premises,” remembers Paul. “This meant they would not have to send all their audio work to other studios across Soho, and their staff would not have to spend hours each day travelling.” Jungle’s expertise in the audio industry made them the stand-out partner to work with on this.

The cost of building a studio plus equipment was estimated at between £100k and £130k. The ongoing upkeep of the finished studio is relatively small, and so securing finance seemed to be the ideal route to take.

Jungle had an existing relationship with Azule. The business had previously secured finance to replace some of the equipment in their studios, as well as on a major equipment purchase some ten years ago, and so they contacted Azule to see how they could help.

A pioneering deal

The project was a unique one and securing finance would not be straight forward. “As far as we are aware this was the first time a studio of this sort had been financed,” Paul comments, “Azule, and our account manager Ramona Culea particularly, helped by explaining this very unique situation to the bank.”

The studio was to be manufactured off-site in panels and then shipped to the company premises. This meant the studio could be built and assembled much faster.  It also provided the added option of removing and re-installing the studio at another site if needs be.

“Ramona took the time to come and see the studio and was instrumental in making the case to the bank, who did not understand the situation fully,” says Paul.  In what was a complicated and new scenario, finance was secured and the studio was built.

“If we need finance again in the future Azule would be my first call,” says Paul, “They make the whole process very simple to understand and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else.”

If you need advice or finance solutions for your media or events company, then please contact Azule today at either or on +44 (0)1753 580 500

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