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Project Description

The deal

Maurizio Cisterna was previously the Head of Finance for an international broadcast company who were in their process of slimming down some of their services offered to clients. He identified that film conversion and restoration to 4K was being missed by his previous employer and had good expectations for profit in a small company. He thus took the plunge and wrote a plan, worked out some partnerships in complementary areas with people he knew and set up FilmFinity Productions.

FilmFinity Productions Ltd, a film acquisition and digital optimisation specialism company recently started operating business in London, whom deal with clients across Europe for their film digitisation needs.

In the process of setting up, he recognised that the best equipment for this purpose was an Arri Scanner but the new price of this machine was nearly €400,000. As such, he went about trying to source a second hand machine. This machine was found in Hungary and for a much reduced value and all he had to do now was find some-one who would finance a new start business for second hand kit out of Hungry.

Luckily he was introduced by a friend who had previously used their services to Azule. Ramona Culea was the salesperson and the rest is history (or at least scanning history). Within a week, Azule had agreed a deal and everything was moving forward.

The experience
“We have been very impressed by the customer service from Azule, and we were able to build a brilliant relationship quickly and easily during the short process with them.”

“The team at Azule were helpful and direct with no time-wasting, and it took just a few days from me to secure the financing I needed.. They were so easy to work with and understood my exact needs! I would recommend them to anyone”

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