Asset Finance

Do Enough Businesses Realise The Benefits Of Asset Finance?

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Only one in 10 business owners (11%) describe the strength of their companies’ working capital facilities as “very strong”, even though their businesses are performing well, a report has revealed. A survey found that a further 29% claimed it was “quite strong”, nearly half (45%) described it as “average”, while 12% declared it was “weak”. [...]

3 Ways Asset Finance Can Help Your Business

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Fixed Costs Rental of the asset and payable interest is fixed for the duration of the finance agreements, meaning you can rest assure knowing you won’t have any additional costs involved Eliminate your uncertainty of payments and any unexpected surprises Releases tied up cash You won’t have to spend a lump sum amount all in [...]

Why Use Asset Finance for Software Projects?

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When thinking about asset finance, one often assumes tangible assets such as  cameras, lenses, lighting, and speakers; few know that it is also applicable to software. Indeed, why should there be a difference? Business asset finance is available to anyone who uses assets hard or soft to earn their living. In industries such as post-production, [...]

Thinking About Camera Finance? Reasons to avoid banks

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Camera Finance For The Masses With the UK economy growing and getting stronger, businesses are daring to think big again. However, harbouring big dreams and a creative vision is one thing. Sourcing finance to turn those dreams into a viable business is another.  One of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs is finding camera finance [...]

In the light of IBC… Azule’s guide how to choose the supplier

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Our guide on how you choose the right supplier We all know that there is no such thing as free cheese, and in the current economic climate, we’re keeping a beady eye on our pounds and pennies and expectedly looking for the best price and service available. Whether you work in broadcast & media, photography [...]