IBC 2018 review with Azule CEO, Peter Savage

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IBC. The superstar of media and technology trade shows. With a wealth of new technology on display and year on year growth in visitors, it’s easy to think its popularity is everlasting, but with the rise of more sophisticated and intimate shows, can we still call it number one? I sat down with my [...]


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Peter Savage settles into his seat on a flight to IBC in Amsterdam, closes his eyes and dreams of a post-Brexit world Cast your mind forward and we are not in 2018 but next year and, yes, it’s you and me walking to the departure lounge to catch the plane to IBC just as [...]


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Peter Savage, CEO of Azule, explains whether you should opt in or opt out of the current red tape nightmare facing businesses large and small. No, this isn’t another Brexit referendum but I doubt whether any of you reading this are not affected, in some way, by the new European General Data Protection Regulation, commonly [...]


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Peter Savage looks ahead at what 2018 might mean for the broadcast industry and sees the positive in the negative. The guys at KitPlus asked me if I could write about what I think is going to happen in 2018 – a feel, or mood, piece of what we might see this year. I’m not [...]

Thinking About Selling Your Business? – KitPlus Magazine Article

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KITPLUS MAGAZINE - ISSUE 128 NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2017 INDUSTRY THINKING ABOUT SELLING YOUR BUSINESS? Having negotiated the sale of several companies, Peter Savage explains the ins and outs you’llexperience (and the jargon you’ll hear) when selling (or buying) a business. Several people have recently sought my advice about selling their companies so I thought [...]

Leasing Life Awards: Azule Finance

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Azule Finance is the leading provider of asset finance and leasing solutions for the broadcast and media industries in the UK and across Europe. In our industry, we are the only specialists who are able to provide European coverage to our customer base, which makes us unique and promotes our message of #AffordingCreativity. We’re able to [...]