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Fujifilm – Interest Free Credit Finance Promotion

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Did you know you can spread out the cost of your Fujifilm purchase? Fujifilm has teamed up with Azule Finance to provide you with flexible finance solutions for your Fujifilm equipment.Valid until 31st March 2020.2 YEAR INTEREST FREE CREDIT FINANCE PROMOTIONKit on Promotion UA14x4.5BERD-S6BUA18x5.5BERD-S6BUA13x4.5BERD-S9UA22x8BERD-S8UA24X7.8BERD-S6HA14x4.5BERD-S6BHA14x4.5BERM-M6BHA18x5.5BERD-S6BHA18x5.5BERM-M6BHA18x7.6BERD-S6BHA18x7.6BERM-M6BHA22x7.3BERD-S6HA23x7.6BERD-S6HA23x7.6BERM-M6HA42x13.5BERD-U48HA42x9.7BERD-U48HK3.1x14.5-FHK3.1x14.5-MHK4.7x18-FHK4.7x18-MHK5.3x75-FHK5.3x75-MHK7.5x24-FHK7.5x24-MXK6x20-SAFXK6x20-SAMZK12x25-FZK12x25-MZK2.5x14-SAFZK2.5x14-SAMZK3.5x85-SAFBZK3.5x85-SAMBZK4.7x19-SAFBZK4.7x19-SAMBMK50-135mm T2.9MK18-55mm T2.9EFL-127UVEFL-82UVESM-15A-SAHS-304A-114HS-304B-114SA-206M-R25SA-206M-R40ESM-D51BESM-D52BSS-13DB Digi Full Servo for ENG and CineERD-10-D01MEPD-4A-E12AEBF-1MCA-06BCMCA-06BCSS-13A Full Servo ERDERD-20A-A02EPD-21A-A02MCA-7MCA-7MS-11DB Semi-Servo [...]

Sony – Interest Free Credit Finance Promotion

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Did you know you can spread out the cost of your Sony Venice purchase? 0% FINANCE PROMOTION 24 MONTH TERM Qualifying products: Accessories: VENICE AXS-AR1 VENICE/BASE AXS-A512S24 VENICE/CINE AXS-A1TS24    AXS-A512S48    AXS-A512S48/4    AXS-A512S48/6    AXS-A1TS48    CBKZ-3610A    CBKZ-3610F    CBK-3610XS Venice CineAlta 6K full frame camera Promotion valid until 31st March [...]

HOT DEALS – Just 2 Weeks Remaining!

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ALL HOT DEALS LIVE UNTIL 29th SEPTEMBER 2017 ON SCARLET-W, EPIC-W, WEAPON Cameras & Accessories 15-MONTH INTEREST FREE FINANCE Available in Denmark, Portugal, Slovakia, Germany & Austria   24-MONTH 2% INTEREST FINANCE Available in Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Sweden, Spain & Poland   12-MONTH INTEREST FREE CREDIT Available in  the UK only   TO APPLY, [...]