WK 18 – Deals Of The Week

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PR photography company needed £3.5k of finance to fund upcoming projects. Their camera of choice was a Leica Q, a compact camera with the fast prime lens. As an existing customer, they knew they could rely on Azule to get it done. #AffordingCreativity Health conscious restaurant financed £8k over 24 months with Azule. Having 29 items [...]

WK 17 – Deals Of The Week

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Large scale lighting company covering UK wide events needed £40k for some new @Robelighting #Megapointes over 3 years. With upcoming summer festivals to facilitate, Azule swiftly provided them the finance they needed! #MakingItHappen Leading film studio company were launching an office revamp and expanding their team with new hires. As a previous customer, they came [...]

WK 15 – Deals Of The Week

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Specialist camera hire and crewing facility company approached Azule for £42k of finance for a Moviebird Crane previously used in a major action film. A £100k+ deal done in just a matter of a few days. #MakingItHappen Popular London based live music and club night venue finances 57 different items on one invoice totalling over [...]

WK 13 – Deals Of The Week

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16 years in the business, award winning video production agency finances £19k over 24 months for their latest purchases - cameras, lenses and accessories totalling to 30 items on the invoice! Another seamless finance deal completed through Azule. #MakingItHappen Aerial cinematography for film, TV and digital industries company financed £10k of Canon EF Primes bundle [...]

WK 12 – Deals Of The Week

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UK based lighting rental company finances a large amount of #Gemini light panels costing £75k over 4 years to meet increased customer demand. The company has only traded for 12 months & Azule originally financed £250k when they first opened the company. Azule continue to support the growth of the company and these new lights [...]

WK 11 – Deals Of The Week

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London based photography company, inc since 2016, needed £8k of finance urgently in between shoots abroad. As an existing customer, they knew Azule could help. We swiftly transacted the deal on time, and on schedule to meet the customers needs. #MakingItHappen Specialist aerial video & photography limited company filled out an online application on our [...]

WK 10 – Deals Of The Week

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Specialist aerial video & photography limited company filled out an online application on our website for a £4k @Panasonic camcorder and lens over 48 months. They were approved within 3 minutes, & the deal was swiftly paid out! #MakingItHappen #AffordingCreativity One of London's leading hire companies, established since 2008, needed £110k of finance to meet [...]

WK 9 – Deals Of The Week

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Rental company giant finances £25k of @CanonUKandIE cameras and kit over 24 months to extend their equipment portfolio even further. Being our 43rd deal with the company, they were no strangers to our seamless process! Just another day for Azule #MakingItHappen 14 yrs established, but 1st time customer for Azule financed a £3.5k @CanonUKandIE CN [...]

WK 8 – Deals Of The Week

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TV production company financed a £1,500 #Samyang Lense over 12 months to use in a shoot working with major network! That's Azule #AffordingCreativity Award wining digital production agency finances £5k worth of @Apple equipment as part of revamping their office for the new year. Azule #MakingItHappen as usual! £64k of LED video walls financed for [...]

WK 3 – Deals Of The Week

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One of the UK’s leading Sound Production and Rental Companies invests over £600k in new d&b speakers for a busy 2018 tour and festival schedule ahead. That's Azule #AffordingCreativity. 18 years in the trade, freelance television cameraman finances a £19.8k @CanonUKandIE lens to upgrade his existing set of equipment for future shows. The deal was [...]