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Looking to entice more business your way? Customer doesn’t have the cash right now? Perhaps its time you became an Azule finance partner…

If you are an equipment manufacturer or reseller looking for new and exciting ways to offer your products, we can help.

By offering our tailored financial solutions to your customers you could dramatically increase the appeal of your products.

Or what if your customer doesn’t have the budget or cash available right now? No problem. We can provide them with a payment plan that will allow them to make a purchase today – ensuring you get the all-important sale, and they get the equipment they need.

At Azule Finance we can run a variety of different finance programmes for you.
These include:

Promotion Finance
Deferred Finance
Stocking Finance

And here’s the really good news. Using Azule to provide your customers with finance services won’t cost you a penny. It won’t take any extra time on your part. And you don’t have to fill in any additional paper work.

What are you waiting for? Talk to us now to find out how a partnership with Azule could help you to grow your business.

For e-commerce retailers…

Do you sell products online? Do you want to expand your business? Why not offer our finance plans to your customers as an alternative payment method?

With our instant credit check facility on purchases under £25,000 we are sure to be able to help you grow your online revenues.

From a very simple solution that requires no development to a fully integrated system, we have helped many online retailers to sell more of their products, with many seeing an average increase of 10%.

Call us now to find out how working with Azule could help you to grow your online business.

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