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OK, so you’re sold on the idea of using asset finance. Excellent. That’s the hard bit taken care of. Now it is time to decide what type of finance is best for you. At this point, financing can get very serious and very stressful: if you let it. Our job is to make sure that it doesn’t.

At Azule we will work hard to understand your business and your financial position and tailor our funding solutions so that they work for you. We will provide you the most appropriate deal for your finances.

However, we also know that this is your money and that you need to know what is going to happen next and over the coming months. So here is our Pocket Guide To Asset Finance.

Pocket Guide To Asset Finance

This is also known as HP or Lease Purchase

You make repayments over an agreed period

The kit is yours at the end of the contract

You pay VAT upfront but… VAT can be claimed back straight away

Interest costs can be claimed against your profits; capital costs can be offset against capital allowances

You use the kit over an agreed period

Technically, the leasing company owns the kit

Your payments can be offset against tax

You pay VAT on each monthly instalment

You have three options at the end of the agreement: return the equipment; pay secondary rentals or purchase title

This is classed as a revenue expense

You can deduct payments from your profits and loss account, giving you 100% tax benefit

Assets do not appear on your balance sheet

You don’t own the asset but… you can continue to pay for its use after the end of the agreement

You pay VAT on each monthly instalment

You will, generally, have lower repayments

You get cash using the assets that you’ve already purchased

This is ideal if you already have lots of kit

A clever way to bridge a gap in your cashflow

This is ideal for funding short-term projects

You can put all the equipment within a project on a single lease

You only start repayments at the end of the project

Of course, every deal is different. So when it comes to yours, why not have a chat with one of our friendly customer service advisers who should be able to help you decide which option is best for you.

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